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  1. I have been cooking all my life. I was the oldest of 5 kids with a divorced mother, so she would have me make out the weekly menus for the family, do all the shopping and 90% of the cooking. When I graduated high school, I was determined to make it in the corporate world but I was always the one that everyone called when they were having a dinner, party or some occasion to plan or cook the food. I never really thought that what I was doing was catering. Anyway, after decades in the corporate world and this latest boss (who was beyond intolerable!) I made the statement that I would love to go back to school to learn how to cook professionally and open a restaurant.A fellow employee told me that Le Cordon Bleu had just come to Atlanta. We made an appointment the next week. Once I stepped in those doors, sat thru the presentation and took a tour, I knew I was meant to be there. I enrolled that night. After having several panic attacks about going back to school after all this time when I should have done it earlier, I found that i loved it.