The universe is one weird cat

Today’s article on the New York Times, about scientists proving through an experiment that, whenever an atom out of a pair gets mesaured, the other will instantly change its properties, be it across the room or across the universe.

I’m gonna have harder and harder time reading this sort of articles from now on.  Managed to finish "the Elegant Universe", the book about string theory, already with considerable difficulties.  But at least I could still imagine the universe or the parallel universes through the pictures conjuered up by the author.  The other book that I have read that requires a lot of thought and brain energy, How the Mind Works, is actually easy.  Many examples given are very hard to grasp initially, but at least, intuition works.

Now, how do you imagine a world where you can be here and there, now and future, anything and nothing.  And weirder still, when any of these states gets observed, the rest will instantaneously change too? The message sent across a void.  And the weirdest of all, the change is done instantly.  Now, there is no need for speed here!

So, by instinct and one of the examples given that can still be explained through instinct, I guess I can imagine that the worlds are like pancakes, layered on top of one another.  These pairs of atoms, when observerd through this universe, are far apart, but in their actual state, they are actually connected, directly connected?

What if you cannot even imagine the world with instinct?  How do you cope with that? 


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